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5 Chris Gayle's off Field Controversies |

5 Chris Gayle's off Field Controversies |

Chris Gayle is a mercurial player on the field.
At times his actions have landed him in hot water, Here is a look at 5 instances where he was involved in off field controversies

Number 5
Police bust party

There is a saying ‘The party doesn’t begin till the police show up.’ In this case the police showed up to bust the party.
Chris Gayle and his teammates Andre Russell, Fidel Edwards and Dwayne Smith were partying at the Cinnamon Grand in Colombo when the party was busted by the police. They ended up detaining three girls from the party. The Sri Lankan police issued a statement later “At least three girls of British nationality have been arrested for unauthorized entry by the ministerial security division when they entered the hotel floor of the rooms of the West Indian cricketers.”
The hotel employees maintained that no illegal activity was at hand: “There was no wrongdoing on the part of the players or the women and we are surprised at the police action. It is not against the law to be a guest of a player.” said an employee of the hotel.

Number 4
"I haven't touched yours yet."

This exchange occurred at a news conference at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Grounds before the Jamaica Tallawahs, captained by Gayle, faced the Antigua Hawksbills. Gayle once again attempted to flirt with a reporter. Here is how their exchange went:
Reporter: “How does the pitch feel so far in terms of the training (and) the weather?”
Chris Gayle: “ His response, “Well I haven’t touched yours yet so I don’t know how it feels.”
Alexandrina Wong, a gender equality leader in Antigua said “What it’s implying is one person’s power over another in the use of the language and so we can either say it’s sexist and hegemonic.”
A Caribbean Premier League spokesperson defended Gayle’s action said “Chris is excited for the tournament and was having a laugh with a journalist, who had a laugh back; there was no malice intended. The lady in question had a jovial goodbye chat with him and we don’t believe this was the action of someone who was offended.”

Number 3
Dancing and Stripping with Sherlyn Chopra

Chris Gayle caused raised eyebrows when he was seen dancing vigrously with Sherlyn Chopra at a night club. He even took off his shirt in the middle of the dance. Many commented later that cricketers should not be involved in such clubs and activities.
Sherlyn said of her relation to Gayle “I’m quite conventional at heart. Just because he has asked me out doesn’t mean that I will plunge into a relationship. He is a fun guy to hang out with but I need to get to know him well enough to even think of going forward. But we did have a great time partying together where he told me that he wants to date me.”

Number 2
"If you don't have a strip club at home, you aren’t a cricket player”

The classic image of cricketer sipping tea on a lawn chair is a contradiction to the image Chris Gayle is building. He posted a picture of himself and a friend in a strip club installed in his home with the caption “If you don’t have a strip club at home, you aren’t a cricket player.”
While it is obvious that many other cricketers indulge in strip clubs, few are open enough to take a picture of themselves in one, let alone install one in their home.

Number 1


Chris Gayle flirts with Mel McLaughlin
Chris Gayle has just courted controversy by attempting to court a reporter while she was interviewing him. She asked him about his batting and he steered the conversation off course by saying “I wanted to come and have an interview with you as well. That’s the reason why I’m here, just to see your eyes for the first time. It’s nice so. Hopefully we can win this game and have a drink after. Don’t blush baby.” She curtly replied “I’m not blushing.” 
Gayle has come under intense scrutiny for his comments and has issued an apology which has also come under fire. Gayle has been fined $10,000  for the incident and his comments have been condemned by his team’s chief executive.

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